In Senior Infants we have been learning all about the OPTICIAN in our Role Play Station. Seán Maloney is coming to visit next week and we look forward to learning and seeing what he will bring to show us. He is an optician and can test your eyesight if you are having problems.

We made our own glasses in Junk Art and they are really cool. Look at our page to see some photographs.

We were playing On the Farm in September and this was great fun. We learned about  the exciting things that happen on the FARM. Some farmers are dairy farmers and they have cows that they milk every day. They send the milk to the creamery to be made ready for us to buy in the shops. Other farmers grow grains and vegetables. Some farmers have cows and raise them for beef, so that we can enjoy healthy foods. Because the weather was really lovely we were able to bring the play outside too.


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