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St. Anne’s N.S. is included in the Department of Education DEIS scheme since 2006. DEIS provides for Equality of Educational Opportunity in schools, and gives support in line with levels of disadvantage.  The following are some of the initiatives the school is presently implementing:

  • School Completion Programme
  • Home School Community Liaison
  • Homework Club
  • Breakfast Club
  • Lunches Provided daily
  • Ready Set Go Maths
  • First Steps
  • Maths Recovery and Reading Recovery
  • Literacy Lift Off
  • Transition Programme

Catholic Schools Partnership  


Actions to be taken by school community as part of Catholic Schools Partnership

1.Copies   of the bible will be provided for the pupils in the    Senior classes.   Pupils   in all classes will be shown the Bible. They will be told why it is such an   important book and why it has to be treated with respect.
2.All   school literature will be reviewed. School newsletters will make explicit   mention of the Catholic ethos of our school and the importance of the   spiritual development of our pupils will be highlighted at school gatherings   and events.
3.Staff  will be referred to Catholic Schools website and can read  ‘ 10 FAQ’s about Catholic Primary Schools’   and the Partnership
4.The school will participate more fully in the Trócaire Lenten campaign next year   and will continue to educate our pupils in the areas of Justice, Peace and   Human Rights.
5.Opportunities will be provided in the next school year for staff to reflect and discuss personal spiritual growth.


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