Welcome to St. Anne’s school blog. St Anne’s N.S. Castlerea, Co. Roscommon is a Catholic primary school, formerly under the patronage of the Sisters’ Of Mercy, now under the patronage of the Diocese of Elphin.

St. Anne’s is co-educational up to First Class, with girls only from 2nd to 6th.

Mission Statement

St. Anne’s is a Catholic School under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Elphin. St. Anne’s School embodies a commitment to holistic education and to the achievement of the full potential of each pupil, in a Christian atmosphere of care, respect and joy. To this end, the school is committed to ongoing whole school development in partnership with the Board of Management, Staff, Pupils and the wider community.

Vision Statement

We endeavour that all pupils entrusted to our care will have been encouraged to attain their full potential in academia. We strive to foster their creative abilities and individual talents and to instill in them a sense of community and respect for themselves, others and their environment.


  1. Academic: we hope that all children, on graduating from this school will have achieved literacy and numeracy to their full potential.
  2. Physical: During their years in this school they will have participated in and enjoyed a variety of sporting activities and games.
  3. Moral: To instil in each child a sense of right and wrong, relative to the school environment, carrying this through to the rest of their lives.
  4. Social: We aim to instil the sense of respect in children for themselves and all the people they meet every day.
  5. Emotional: We hope that in our school children will gain the confidence to express their emotions in a safe and secure environment.
  6. Spiritual: to foster an awareness of God and provide opportunities for prayer, reflection and meditation.
  7. Aesthetic: to foster the creative imagination of children through exposure to various forms of the creative arts.
  8. Cultural: To promote a love of our community and our country, thus cultivating a sense of pride in our heritage and culture.
  9. Personal: Promoting self-care, self organisation, in preparation for life’s experiences.
  10. Cognitive: Foster the ability to positively think, analyse and critisise and providing opportunities for this.
  11. Imaginative: To allow ample opportunities for imaginative expression in all curricular areas.

History of the School

St. Anne’s N.S. was built in 1887 -1888. In 1887, seven Sisters of Mercy came from Sligo at the invitation of Bishop Gillooly and Monsignor Patrick Hanly.

In 1886, Fr. Neary who was parish priest of Castlerea at that time, applied to the National Commission of Education for a grant to build a new school. The cost of the school was estimated at €1125 and a grant of €750 was given. The land for the school was purchased from the Sandford Family for the sum of 200 gold sovereigns. The land also provided sites for the church, the convent and with extra space for later development.

The school building was complete in 1888 and the Sisters of Mercy began teaching on the 19th march of that year. The teachers and pupils from the old school, located near Clonalis House, moved over to the new school. Within a few months 120-180 infants had enrolled in the school, some of them as young as 3 years of age. The subjects taught in the school were Reading, Writing, Maths, Spelling, Grammar, Geography, Book keeping, Needlework, Music, French, Drawing, P.E., Science, piano and instrumental music.

The occupations of the parents were:- Traders, Shepherds, Bakers, Publicans, Shopkeepers, Tailors, Merchants, Policemen, Farmers, Peddlers, Cattle/sheep dealers, Herds, Blacksmiths, Stonemasons and Builders.

2009 saw the retirement of the last Sister of Mercy teaching in St. Anne’s N.S., Sr. Catherina, retired in this year. It was the end of an era. In the Summer of 2010 the Sisters of Mercy handed over the trusteeship of the school to the Diocese of Elphin and its Bishop, Christopher Jones. St. Anne’s now has an enrolment of approx. 130 pupils which fluctuates annually. Boys attend St. Anne’s until they have completed 1st class and then continue on to St. Paul’s Boys N.S.  St. Anne’s employs 7 full time teachers including a teaching principal. Two S.N.A.s are also currently employed and a Classroom Assistant.

St. Anne’s is currently a DEIS School in Urban Band 2 and receives extra support in the areas of literacy, numeracy. school completion and home school community liaison and some funding to provide extra support to needy children and their families.


2016/2017  Staff of St. Anne’s NS.

Principal: Ms.Jacinta Ní Chongaile

Deputy Principal: Ms. Niamh Moran

Mainstream Class teachers

Junior Infants: Ms. Niamh Moran

Senior Infants: Mrs. Martina Mulligan

First & Second classes: Ms. Laura Griffith

Third and Fourth Classes: Ms. Anne Marie Neenan

Fifth and Sixth Classes: Ms. Maria Heavey

S.E.N. Staff

S.E.T.  Ms. Donna Madden & Ms. Jacinta Ní Chongaile


S.N.A. Staff:  Mrs. Bernie Harvey, Mrs. Margaret Concannon

Special Classroom Assistant:  Mrs. Niamh Connaughton

School Secretary: Ms. Bernie Callaghan

School Maintenance Staff: Liam Morris , Ms. Rita Kersanskiene

HSLMichelle Igoe


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